Five Reasons We Loved Seeing 4th of July Fireworks by Cruise

My husband and I had been wanting to try the Argosy 4th of July Fireworks Cruise for several years. This is the first year where timing worked in our favor. Hubby had been closely watching the Argosy website and stalking their Facebook page waiting for the news that they were booking for this year.

Would we like it? Um…we absolutely loved it! Here are five of the reasons we enjoyed our evening excursion.

1. We Didn’t Have to Drive to Seattle

We decided to take the ship leaving out of Kirkland. It is closer to our house–and more importantly, the traffic to Kirkland is much better than that going into Seattle. I think it was about 20 minutes door-to-door from our house to Carillon Point where we met the Argosy ship. Seattle has some of the worst traffic in the nation. The fact we were able to enjoy the Seattle fireworks without having to drive there was a huge bonus for us.

Salish Explorer – Argosy Cruises – Boarding in Kirkland

2. We Got to Sit Back and Relax

Relaxing on the Ship as We Set Sail

Once on board the ship, we got to sit back and relax and let someone else do the driving. This was a 21+ only cruise, which meant there were no children on board. Although seating was a bit hectic when we first boarded, once we settled in, hubby went down and got us some sodas. We, literally, just got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music that was being played by the DJ. There were three decks for passengers–decks one and two were indoors and had bars and the top deck was outside. We pretty much stayed on the third deck the entire time.

3. Gorgeous Views of Seattle

View of Seattle from Lake Union

The weather was comfortable–no rain, just gray skies with the sun trying to peek through. The itinerary had us leaving Kirkland and cruising across Lake Washington. We then went through the Montlake Cut and passed the University of Washington and took in some great scenery. Hubby did some reminiscing of his college days as we passed by the buildings of the UW. The views of Seattle and Lake Union were breathtaking.

4. Missing the Crowds at Gasworks Park

Gasworks Park Set Up for 4th of July Fireworks

We set anchor right by Gasworks Park. The crowds down at Gasworks Park were huge. We braved the crowds there once years ago…and once was definitely enough. I am not a big fan of crowds. Getting to experience the fireworks so closely without being in the hordes was fantastic.

5. Best Seats in the House for Fireworks

I don’t think you could have had a better view of the fireworks. Although there were other boats in the area, we were so high up that we didn’t have anything blocking our views. We were close enough that we could hear the music playing on the loudspeaker from the park. The video below gives you a better idea of the entire experience.

An added bonus to the evening was the boat ride back to Kirkland. Everything was calm and peaceful and beautifully lit up with fireworks on the shore and the lights of all the boats headed back in for the night.

This experience rated a 9 out of 10 for us. We’ll definitely do it again in the future. I think the only thing we we’ll do differently is bring more friends with us to enjoy the festivities.

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    1. Yes we would guess that it would be better seats and the noises would be louder because of the reflection of the water which would be even better

      1. Agreed. We will be enjoying another Argosy Cruise in the future and will make the effort to get better seats. Thanks for stopping by.

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