The 3 Hottest Reservations at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and How to Get Them

Who Will Get to Experience it First?

It’s no secret that my hubby and I have been looking forward to getting to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Our messages, emails, and jabs over dinner have gone back and forth over who will get to experience it first.

Hubby has a conference in Orlando in November, so I thought I would check it out while he was in classes. Apparently, he wasn’t a big fan of that idea and gave me a hard time. He felt we should experience it together.

I recently was scheduled for a conference in September on property at Walt Disney World at Disney’s Coronado Springs. Hubby seems to have no changed his views. It is perfectly okay for him to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge while I am in class.

But, ultimately, my flight gets in about 12 hours before his. Will I sneak over and see it while he’s sitting in an airport awaiting his flight? Or will he hop a shuttle and go directly there while I am in class Friday morning?

What Are the 3 Galactic Experiences

If you are planning a visit to Walt Disney World…and more specifically Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…you can now make your reservations for some awesome galactic experiences.

Guests at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be able to build a droid at Black Spire Outpost’s industrial depot, hang out for some drinks and small bites at Oga’s Cantina, or customize their own lightsaber. You can feel like you’re part of the Star Wars action.

At Savi’s Workshop You Can Customize Your Own Lightsaber

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

If you are a Jedi (or a Jedi wannabe), you may already know that constructing a lightsaber is a rite of passage. A lightsaber is in tune with the one who creates and wields it using the Force. Inside of Savi’s Workshop, you can feel the presence of the Force as you create your own lightsaber. You can customize it with accessories, kyber crystals, and hilts.

There will be a limited availability for walk-ups at Savi’s Workshop, so reservations are highly recommended. A deposit of $199 will be required for each reservation. Cancellations can be made up to the day before with no penalty. However, if you are no-show to the experience, you will be charged the full price for the lightsaber. You are allowed to bring along fellow Jedi to observe your experience.

At the Droid Depot You Can Build Your Own Droid

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

If you’ve seen any of the Star Wars movies, you probably know by now that droids are very loyal companions. Now you the opportunity to build and customize your own galactic robot and sidekick at the Droid Depot. You get to pick pieces and parts off of a conveyor belt and construct one of two models (either the R-series or BB-series). When your droid has been completed and powered up, they will interact with elements within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

As with Savi’s Workshop, reservations are highly recommended as there will be very limited walk-up availability. Again, cancellations can be made up to one day before with no penalty. No-shows can expect to be charged the full price of the experience. You can bring along one person to watch you build your droid. But who are you kidding, aren’t they gonna want to build a droid of their own?

Enjoy Some Out-of-This World Drinks and Bites with Your Besties at Oga’s Cantina

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

So who likes to hang out at Oga’s Cantina? All of your favorite bounty hunters, smugglers, and weary travelers–that’s who. At Oga’s Cantina, there is no age limit as to who can come and partake of these out-of-the-world refreshments. Oga’s Cantina is now part of the 180-day reservation process currently in place for all experiences and restaurants requiring reservations. You know the drill if you’ve been reading this article, there will be very limited walk-up availability, so getting your reservation is highly recommended. Like all the other experiences, cancellations will be able to be made up until the day before without any penalty. All no-shows will be charged.

Reservations Can Be Made By…

So how do you make reservations for any (or all) of the above experiences in Galaxy’s Edge? Reservations are now available to be made through the My Disney Experience app or on Disneyworld.com. Reservations are able to be made for up to 180 days out.

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