Celebrate Friendship at Disneyland After Dark: Pixar Nite

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One of the things I love about Pixar movies is that they all seem to center on the theme of friendship. It may be the friendship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear and all of their pals as they put their friendship first to help each other out of difficult situations. Or maybe it’s the journey of the budding friendship between Carl Fredricksen and Russell as they embark on a bucket list adventure that was originally meant to be enjoyed by Carl and his wife Ellie. Or maybe it’s the new friendships that come alive as the new racing sensation Lightning McQueen must serve some community service time in Radiator Springs These characters and their friendships are timeless and relatable.

Disneyland After Dark has set aside an evening to celebrate these friendships with a new event simply titled “Disneyland After Dark: Pixar Nite.” As of the time of this writing, there are still tickets left for you to go celebrate this special celebration of friendship.

Disneyland After Dark: Pixar Nite will be held on March 5, 2020 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Disney California Adventure park. This is an after-hours event that is a celebration of some of our favorite characters and stories from Pixar Animation Studios and will include collectible merchandise, one-of-a-kind photo opportunities, special food, unique entertainment, and more.

Access to Attractions After Hours

One of the benefits I enjoy about the Disneyland: After Hours events is that you get access to popular attractions in the parks…in this case, at Disney California Adventure park. Wait times are generally much shorter than during the day. In addition, although the event doesn’t begin until 9 p.m., you can get in the park as early as 5 p.m.

Pixar Character Meet and Greets

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

If you have been wanting to meet your favorite Pixar character in real life, this could be your opportunity. Disney has announced that you’ll be able to say “Hi” to characters such as: Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story,” Merida from “Brave,” Miguel from “Coco,” Flik from “A Bug’s Life” and more!

Pixar Dance Parties

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Two unique dance parties have been announced for this special evening. The first party can be found in Hollywood Land where you can dance the night away during a record-breaking Scare Day with our buddies Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.” and “Monsters University.

If a retro-cool vibe is more your thing, you can head on over to Paradise Gardens over by Pixar Pier and show off your dance moves at the Incredibles Party Zone.

Pixar-Inspired Limited-Time Food

What would a Disney special event be without limited-time food. In this case, the goodies are all inspired by Pixar movies.

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

These Pixar-inspired goodies are all approved by Chef Remy himself of “Ratatouille” fame. Some of the specialties you can find at this event are items like a Blueberry and Vanilla Shake and a Chocolate and Coffee-flavored sponge cake. If you have a craving for something a little more savory, you can try the Corn Dog Barbecued Pork Belly with Barbecue Sauce and Pineapple.

Pixar Photo Opportunities

There will be some one-of-a-kind Pixar photo opportunities. You will be able to find backdrops for special photos from not just your favorite Pixar movies but also from some of the Pixar shorts such as “For the Birds” and Geri’s Game.” And…these photos will come with unlimited digital downloads of any pictures taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer during the event. If you’ve ever had to pay for Disney PhotoPass, you’ll understand what a nice savings this is.

A Pixar “Super Looks” Fashion Walk

Edna Mode, the famous designer to the Incredibles (and other superheroes) will be on hand to judge a fashion walk. Everyone who attends is invited to show off their favorite Pixar attire. The Disney events are so much fun when you can come all dressed up.

Is That Me or Edna Mode?

Believe it or not, as of this writing, there are still tickets available for the Disneyland After Dark: Pixar Nite on March 5, 2020. If you want more information, please contact me using the “Contact” button at the top.

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